Maintenance Contracts



Maintenance Contracts

HVAC Service Contracts

Heating Maintenance Contracts

  • Have your heating system checked annually.
  • Oil systems need filter and nozzle changed, flue passages cleaned and inspected.
  • Conduct a combustion efficiency test to insure proper burner operation.
  • Oil any circulator pumps and motors with oil ports.
  • Gas hot air furnaces need to have a visual inspection of the heat exchanger.
  • Gas boilers and furnaces need to burner tubes cleaned.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Contracts

  • Replace your air filter at the beginning of each season.
  • Don't forget to remove your cover on the outdoor unit.
  • Annual clean and check both indoor and outdoor coils. Coils should be professionally cleaned prior to the cooling season.
  • The condensate drain pan and drain should be cleaned prior to the cooling season.
  • Any motors that have oil ports should be oiled prior to the cooling season.
  • Freon pressures should be checked.

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Do I need a contract even though its a new system?

Yes, all mechanical systems need maintenance, just like your automobile.

Do I get priority service with a contract?

Yes, all contract customers get priority service.

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