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Northford Hot Water Heaters

There are quite a few options when it comes to upgrading or installing a new water heater. The type or “style” of water heater is an important choice, but you’ll also need to consider size and heat source. It helps to discuss your water heating needs with an experienced contractor who is familiar with all water heating options.

Why us?

As the water heater experts, Mid-State Mechanical can repair, replace or install electric or gas water heaters, standard tank or tankless models and even install hybrid heat pump systems in certain situations. If you’re just looking for water heater codes or water heater rebates, we’ve got you covered too.

If you continuously run out of hot water or your hot water heating system is leaking, don't wait until it's too late!

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When does my water heater need to be replaced?

Usually around the 10-year mark, or when the water is discolored coming out of the faucet.

Does my water heater need maintenace?

All tankless water heaters need maintenance due to their complex design.

Why do I run out of water?

Sometimes the older water heaters will start losing capacity due to sediment buildup or corrosion inside on the controls. Installing a rain type showerhead can cause problems.

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